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Nikki is originally from Wales in the UK, and has lived in Brunei, Hong Kong, Spain and Malaysia. Nikki is the Founder of LOTOS International Group Limited, and a respected authority in the world of executive coaching, conflict resolution, mediation, succession planning and talent retention at a senior level.  


During her 20+ years in corporate banking, Nikki worked with high profile companies and individuals, including 14 years as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C. where she led specific areas of their Human Resources and Hospitality divisions.  With a well-honed intuitive sense about people and psychology, she is able to identify the source of each challenge and bring it to a successful resolution. 


Nikki is an Advisory Director and Head of Human Resources at Brite Advisory Group, and consults with businesses in a variety of industries including banking, finance, aviation, and publishing.


Nikki is a published author and has penned numerous articles pertaining to her areas of expertise. She resides in Malaysia with her daughter, whom she credits with teaching her the most fundamental lessons in life.


Nikki is also a trained Visionary Coach, Aromatherapist, and holds Diplomas in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Child Psychology which enable her to offer a holistic solution for her clients.  She passionately supports various charitable endeavours globally.

"Working in a revenue-producing division of a top global investment bank is exciting but it also comes with great challenge and stress, especially during a financial crisis. Nikki was an anchor, guide and well-respected leader whom I relied on extensively as a sounding board to events surrounding my work as a Vice President in Equity Research. Nikki is a pure source of inspiration who can guide you through some of the toughest moments in your life, never letting you forget what's most important. To use naval terminology, she is that lighthouse during the storm that guides you home. Open your heart and listen to her words. She will guide you to a better place". 
 Christopher Rasberry, Chief Operating Officer, HFG Wealth Management LLC, USA 


How I Can

Help You

Price on application

Business Coaching /

HR Consultancy

Price on application

I come into your business, partner with key stakeholders and work through issues pertaining to conflict resolution, organizational mediation, senior leadership development, succession planning, and any kind of issues you are experiencing with your people.

OR, I work 1x1 with valued leaders who may be experiencing difficulties with a new role, a new team, low productivity or poor performance.

As this requires a more in-depth discussion and each case is different, I will revert with a price after reviewing your case. 

Executive Personal 

1-1.5 hrs   |   US$120

This is targeted 1x1 coaching to help you figure out what it is that isn’t working in your life, and how to get to where you want/need to be. I work intuitively to help you find answers that are congruent with your life purpose so this type of coaching is perfect if you want to make a change, but you don’t know how. Similarly, if you are struggling at work or in your personal life, I will work to figure out your blocks, and help you move past those challenges. 

Presentation Skills

1 hr   |   US$80

Do you struggle when you have to speak to crowds or when you’re in business meetings? You are likely a subject-matter-expert but your vocal projection when under stress may be letting you down. I will work with you on your confidence, presentation style, content, what aids to use/stay away from, and how to draw out your natural speaking abilities so that you can accurately reflect your thoughts every single time you get on stage. 

Every leader strives to be a great leader, to excel in what they do, to inspire their people and take their companies into brilliant levels of success.   Now we find ourselves in the age where remote working is a reality and it is more important than ever to get your messaging right, and build the communication virtually through your teams and  business. Not easy to do! 

LOTOS can help you fulfill all of this for yourself as leader with the LOTOS signature program, for companies wanting to retain their best people with our Talent Retention program, with the Top Gear program for partners and leaders or Across The Great Divide for groups or departments in unproductive or stalemate situations.   Our programs are aimed at identifying and remedying problematic areas and restoring harmony, focus and a genuine way forward.  We take a deep dive into communications, management, people dynamics, relationships, leadership and innovation.   We then mutually identify areas of conflict, eliminate barriers, and recommend solutions to bring about success, profitability and talent retention.

In addition, we specialize in:
*  Transition Coaching
*  Executive, Individual, and Business coaching
*  Leadership Development 
*  Individual Career Enhancement 
*  Talent Management and Retention
*  Organizational Mediation
*  Conflict Resolution
*  Presentation Skills training

*  Interview skills training

To find out more about these programs and how they can be tailor-made to fit your organization Contact Us.


First let me ask you - is "leading" different, or the same as "managing people"?  A lot of people think they are the same but they are in fact different.   You can be a good, solid people manager but maybe cannot yet articulate the vision and step out into the big-picture thinking that a leader needs to have.  I do think that being a good people manager is one of the criteria for a successful leader, so it is a very good place to start from.  

Do your people respect you?  Do they solicit information from you?  Do you know what your people want / when was the last time you asked them?  Who do they go to when they need advice?  If it isn't you, then you need to ask yourself why that is.  

There is no magic recipe to being a successful leader, but the first thing you need to understand is that you do need to work at it and just accept that you will need to invest time in enhancing your own skills to be a successful leader and people manager. You will make mistakes along the way, but with humility and tenaciousness, you will succeed.  The rewards are huge, trust me.  Think about the people whom have managed YOU in the past, or perhaps someone whom you admire in the public eye.  What qualities does that person exhibit?  What makes him/her a great leader in your eyes?  Maybe it's their presence, or vision, or the way they stood up for you when no-one else did, or how they propelled the business forward, or maybe they stand up for what they believe in and are not afraid to have a go even if they fail.  

The best piece of advice I ever received in this area was to "treat people in the same way as you would like to be treated".  How true that is, and how I stuck to that advice when I was starting out leading and managing people.  It is perhaps the most time-consuming part of one's job, but for me and many others, it is also the most rewarding. 


"Great leaders are visionary, genuine, empathetic, creative, motivational, humble, and ALWAYS learning"





Resilience is about building up an inner immunity (using energy, vitality, well-being, and a true knowing of yourself) so that you can respond to things in a different way.  You can't stop things from coming at you, but you can reprogram yourself so that you can deal with those kinds of situations impactfully.

Many people are challenged with work life harmony these days.  Transition seems to be an essential part of our ever changing 21st century way of living and working.  Wellness and resilience through transition is a journey that takes us to new places, new heights, new pathways, new discoveries of ourselves and what we're up to in the world.

It seems like everyone is going through some kind of change right now. It could be related to work, a relationship, family, health, or just a feeling that something isn't quite right in your life.  Transitions are necessary and unavoidable - they transport you from that which no longer serves you, to that which you need to know and learn.   The trick is once you've built up your resilience, you will be able to move swiftly through your transitions and turn them into gold.

So how do you start?  How do you find your pathway forward?  The first thing you need to realize is that you DO need to do something about it! Ignoring it isn't going to make it go away.  It may for a while but it will come back because the urges you are feeling to make a change are going to make your life better.  

All of these changes are necessary for our own growth even if we don't see it or understand it at the time.   Transitions can be uncomfortable if you're travelling that road without a map or a guide to where you want to go.  At LOTOS we specialize in helping you identify your inner resilience code, along with your goals, the challenges hindering you, and solutions to enable you to move powerfully forward.To find out more about how our Transition / Resilience Specialists can help you to achieve this, book a session or a series of sessions.


Getting all the pieces to fit...

Every organization that employs people will, at some point, experience disharmony in the work place.  Conflict will arise, employees may become disillusioned, leaders could lose credibility, managers may not be able to retain employees, and teams may not be able to work together cohesively to execute the vision of the company.

A company is really only as good as the people in it.  One person can rarely do everything, so it is imperative that once conflict arises, it is addressed swiftly, honestly, and with the least amount of disruption.  

We work with company leadership to take a deep dive into their people, relationships, communications, management, leadership and innovation to identify areas of conflict, eliminate barriers, and recommend / implement solutions.



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