"GuruKids" is a term I use to describe the amazing, intuitive, wise children in our world today,
THEY are here to guide us, teach us, bring harmony to the planet and to our systems.



ABOUT Guru Kids

You may have already heard of terms such as "Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow" children.  My daughter says there are 'Flame' and 'Universal' children also.  Irregardless of the terms we apply, these children and others make up the GuruKids of today and I invite you to read on and discover the wonder of these enchanting children.

Recognizable traits of Guru Kids
Although I don't want to label these children, for the purpose of my higher goal of parents, teachers and in fact everyone in our world today being able to help connect to them, you first have to understand them.....so I am going to list some traits below:

- Their eyes have an intensity, a wise "knowing", like they can reach deep into your soul.

- They have an in-built radar for knowing when they are being lied to.  They have no tolerance for it and will let you know quite directly when they are not being told the truth.

- They have a strong sense of entitlement, with a clear sense of self-definition and purpose.

- They are resistant to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority, and will not accept manipulation/blackmail as a form of discipline.

- They want harmony in the world, and get visibly distressed when they are around arguing, raised voices or tense situations.

- They often seem like they in their own world, deep in thought (perfectly content however). 

- They are very active, as all kids are, but meal times can be challenging as they could be skipping around the room while eating....sitting GuruKids at the dinner table can be tricky as they just want to move move move!

- They are often highly musical, sing a lot and are drawn to the vibrations that they get from the music.

- They feel and/or see energy very clearly, and can immediately sense when there is danger, or when someone is being genuine / dis-ingenuine with them. They will find a way to leave the situation immediately.

- They are intense animal lovers and ecologically conscious about the world and the environment. They often have innovative ideas about how we can better protect our planet.


- if you ask your child, you might be quite surprised at what they tell you!

- They are natural healers, and are drawn to crystals, energy healing, natural therapies (essential oils etc) to help them heal whatever situation is in front of them.

- The newer souls (those born from 2005 onwards) have little or no karma to settle, they are here to teach us about love, peace, harmony and healing.

- They usually start talking later in life, some as late as 4 years old.

- They are highly intuitive and telepathic (this grows less as they get older unless it is nurtured by those around them however).  

- They are sensitive beings and can often suffer from skin conditions such as ezcema, rashes, or allergies to foods, pollutants, additives etc.  Keep their diet as pure and organic as possible; use organic cleaning products at home (essential oils are excellent for this) and watch what lotions, creams, shampoos etc that you use on them. 

- They regularly communicate with/see/hear other realms e.g. angels, fairies, unicorns, ET beings from other galaxies.  They Astral travel regularly at night, and wake up with knowledge of certain topics.  When you ask them how they know about a certain topic, they invariably say "I just know". When they learn something, it is fixed into their consciousness, and becomes a knowing....as if they always knew it.

- They choose their parents before being incarnated on earth.  This is important to know, because if you are a parent of a GuruKid, there is a reason for this, something that you can teach them (or they teach you).  You have a duty to help your GuruKid assimilate to life on earth....which is sometimes a struggle for them.

NOTE: the above are just traits; they are not present in all GuruKids and are simply acting as a guide, and a re-affirmation of what you already knew....your child is special and you have the wonderful task of helping them grow in the world.  GuruKids are present everywhere in the world, they are not to be singled out and ridiculed or thought of as "different".....your task as a parent is to really understand and connect with your child and then help him/her grow into a happy, full-filled, secure, passionate and wonderfully creative adult. 




The food choices we have today are extensive and multi-cultural.


However I cannot stress enough how important the RIGHT foods are to GuruKids and how the WRONG foods can have sometimes disastrous effects. 

Simply put, giving sugar, processed foods and artificially flavoured drinks can affect GuruKids by making them hyper-active, unable to sit still, unable to focus, breakouts of eczema or other skin conditions, irritable, and have rapid breathing.  When they crash after the sugar high they will be tired, have feelings of being heavy, irritable, sadness, angry etc. 


What kind of education system works for these wonderful Guru Kids?

A new kind of eduation system would include:

  • enquiry based, passion focused learning,

  • bringing out limitless potential - seeking the unique genius of every child,

  •  allowing them be to heard, to be their own voices for the wonderful things they're bringing through,

  • nurturing their wonderful gifts and passions

  • like souls flying free, running around in wide open spaces, being in nature, at one with nature

  • being highly creative, making things, story telling, engaging and empowering their imaginations,

  • learning and teaching us wonderful things about the planet and the galaxies and cosmos,

  • dreams, laughter, celebrating the innocence and wonder of children.


Parenting a gifted, sensitive child can be challenging. When they move through to their teenage years, it brings even more challenges. 


Not discounting your unconditional love for your child, it can often be exhausting, confusing, and draining. Knowing that you need outside help at times, is not a sign of failure, but one of empowerment. 


Assessing factors like your routine, nutrition, habits, connections, communication, triggers, frustrations etc., I identify the gaps, then devise a plan to help and support that will achieve your goals with fitting in with your life. Changes happen over time, and I have found much success with using essential oils to aid the entire families' harmonious success. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils have helped both my daughter & I in immeasurable ways.  I have found that it is possible to balance every aspect of our lives either physically, emotionally or energetically by using essential oils.  Something as simple as inhaling the aroma from an essential oil bottle is a natural, fun way to get through life's every day challenges.  I use oils to reduce ailment symptoms, to alleviate stress and calm my daughter down, as well as to help her and I focus.  I've also been able to eliminate all toxic cleaning products and I now clean my home with essential oils, thereby eliminating allergic reactions that my family used to experience, while having piece of mind that my home is clean. They're all anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and totally natural.


I'm an ITEC qualified Aromatherapist with a passion for helping children and adults achieve optimum health. My goal is simply to allow people to make informed decisions so do whatever you are drawn to, but make sure you are buying certified pure therapeutic grade oils, otherwise you are wasting your money, and putting undue risk on your own health.  Essential oils are very powerful, and if used properly, they can bring about excellent results for ailments in adults, children and animals (I use a wonderful animal-friendly brand on my animals all the time!).  If you would like to purchase oils, do contact me on the contact form


If you are unsure of which oils to choose, book a session with me, and I can recommend a personal blend that is right to use for your family and circumstances.  I have more information about essential oils in my BLOG posts on this website so take a look and let me know how you get on!


Special Resources

For parents & teachers of Guru Kids and for Guru Kids themselves

Guru Kids are sometimes (but not always) diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and OCD. The references below are to give you resources that you can read, absorb, and make up your own mind as to what your next steps, if any, might be.  I offer no judgment or diagnosis with these, my goal is simply to help parents understand that their children are very special, and offer some tools to help them nurture their children safely through childhood and on to adulthood.  Parenting a GuruKid can often be a lonely, unsupported, challenging process and it helps to talk to others who are going through the same challenges as you, or just share wonderful stories about your children.  If you have come across interesting articles, books, and/or clips that you think would benefit others, please do post on the blog or email me so that I can post on this page for others to benefit from.

Guru Kids (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star children)

  • The Children of Now by Meg Blackburn

  • Conversations with the Children of Now by Meg Blackburn

  • The Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue

  • The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue

  • Empowering your Indigo Child by Wayne D. Dosick PhD

  • Driven to Distraction (for ADD / ADHD) by Edward M. Hallowell MD., and John J. Ratey MD

  • Delivered from Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell MD., and John J. Ratey MD

Information about Autism
1.  Karina Barley in Australia works with autistic children, with a special on line learning programme using ipads.  She has created two courses:  one on iPads in Education and how to create lessons based in curriculum using this technology; & second on Autism Awareness and Certification, which is a course that teaches anyone who is seeking to work with children who has autism on strategies, sensory issues & educational programs.  You can find these courses at www.digitallearningtree.com  and www.digitallearningtree.com/ipadtraining/  If you live in the United States, you can gain University credit for taking Karina’s online courses.  Karina is also available for one-on-one consultancy work; seminars, training and professional development on technology & education, as well as autism awareness & certification.  She can also do skype calls, and online conference calls.  She also has a personal website:  www.projectautismaustralia.com and you can email her here.
2. Suzy Miller from the USA also works with the parents of autistic children to certify them as AWESOMISM practitioners.  Find out more at her website www.suzymiller.com