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LOTOS Retreats and Nikki Jordan will take you on a unique journey through the physical and spiritual realms, to reconnect you with what’s really important in your life, re-awaken your inner life purpose and bring about much needed clarity concerning how to move forward in your life.  We partner with the best, therapeutic retreat centres, to enable you to receive optimum results that will bring about a profound transformation both inside and out. 


The entire experience is tailor-made for you and will be run with a small group of up to 15 participants. You will learn your constitution and receive the correct nutrition, therapies, and 1x1 coaching to heal blockages in your physical, emotional and metaphysical bodies. 


We will draw on the ancient art of Ayurveda which heals the body from the inside out through tailor-made nutrition, daily yoga, gentle meditation, and prescribed treatments that are tailored specifically to correct imbalances that are in your body, and promote natural healing. Ayurveda only uses natural herbs, spices, tinctures and preparations so there are no animal or pesticide-laden products of any kind. To heal the mind, Nikki Jordan will work 1x1 with you to figure out what it is that is holding you back from living your dream life. Nikki works intuitively with your own energy, and if guided, she will bring in your own guides and angels who are working with you, to achieve your own life purpose. These sessions are highly positive, and bring answers and a solid plan as to how to move forward in your life. Together, the entire experience will work in absolute harmony and ensure that your experience is what you need at that particular time. 

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Nikki Jordan,
Founder / Director of LOTOS


Hi, I'm an International Transformation coach.  I help people become unstuck in their lives, heal from the inside out, re-discover their hidden potential, and move forward to bring their dream jobs / lives to reality.  

Sometimes the most profound change we need to make is realizing that we have to re-program the way we think, and take control of our lives instead of feeling like a passive victim waiting for good things to happen to us.  Change is inevitable, and often difficult, but amazingly rewarding when we know what the issues are, and how to move past them to achieve our goals and desires! I teach you how to work in tandem with the Universe to bring your goals and desires to fruition. 

In the energy / healing / coaching area, I'm trained as an Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, and Visionary Coach, and hold Diplomas in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and Child Psychology and Anatomy & Physiology, which enable me to provide a holistic approach to transitioning in any, and all areas of my clients' lives.

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