Welcome to“Snailsville”a magical place with magical creatures and crystals! 


Sydney, Emma and their friends are excited to tell you their wonderful stories. The cool map in the front of the book will guide you around Snailsville, so you won’t get lost!

Discover the brand new pegasnails and snutterflies – have you ever seen one of these? 
You'll also meet clever snails, cockroaches, ants, storks, bees and spiders.

Nikki Jordan’s Transition Cards offer an accurate guide for those who feel stuck and unable to move forward. They have been described as a “coaching session in a box” and offer daily guidance to illuminate the vital next steps in your life’s journey. 

With this easy-to-use deck of 42 powerful messages, Nikki gives you a practical tool to guide and support you through any challenge that you may encounter. The cards’ messages are surrounded by the highest vibrations and will gently help you navigate through your transition gracefully, to a more joyful, happier life. This includes knowing when to look deeper into a situation, a nudge to take note of any red flags, when to take action and move forward, and when to take a step back and heal. 

Each card is color-coded, and has a personal message for you that is easy to understand and follow. 

A successful transition requires a holistic approach - one that empowers you to take charge of your own life, while at the same time re-orienting you onto the correct path so that you can live your life as your most authentic self. There is no better life than that! 

"I put together these cards for a very specific reason. Having struggled in my own life at various points with feeling stuck, alone, confused and at times afraid, I wanted to put something out into the world that could not only give people actionable help, with instructions on how to get through their low periods, but also that could give someone daily help. When you're feeling low, it's constant, and very hard to pull yourself out of. Personally I didn't want to go down that route of doctors and medication, and in talking with my Universe and guides, this is where they led me. Not only to help myself, but the many many others in the world who want to find a way out of their low periods without it costing a fortune or requiring them to pop a pill. 


I describe these cards as a "coaching session in a box". And a dialogue between you, your Universe, angels and guides. I'm delighted that they have achieved this objective for many people, and I enjoy energising each box to bring the most perfect messages for its owner, every time."


I love to do events, especially when they involve my essential oils, or group readings. Not only are they fun and a safe intro into discovering what the universe is telling you, but they also raise the vibration of the whole group, and bring in lots of angels and guides who are only too happy to deliver their messages of hope and support. Below are some pics from a recent Christmas event I was part of. 

Guests picked a card(s) that they were drawn to......and their messages were very profound!

"Nikki's Transformation Cards were amazingly accurate and supportive during a challenging time. They bring you back to your core as well as provide perspective on things."
Denise Furet, U.K.